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Dr Amit Gupta, Ophthalmologist, Scarborough, ON

Dr. Baseer Khan, Ophthalmologist, Vaughan, ON

Diabetic Retinopathy Complete Educational

Mr. Robert Roscoe, Pharmacist, Rothesay, NB

Dr. Loren Grossman, Endocrinologist, Toronto, ON

Dr. Andre Belanger, Family Doctor, Courcelette, QC

Dr. Karl Dalery, Cardiologist, Sherbrooke, QC

Marpole Physiotherapy Clinic

Dr. Stephen Fort, Cardiologist, Kelowna, BC

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy Vancouver

Dr. Alexandro Zarruk, Family Doctor, Pierrefonds, QC


Dr. Amit Khosla, Cardiologist, Surrey, BC

Ms. Sarah Blunden, Registered Dietitian, Ville Saint-Laurent, QC

Dr. Michael Luong, Cardiologist, Vancouver, BC

Lori Berard, Nurse, Winnipeg, MB

Dr. John Wade, Rheumatologist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Brett Heilbron, Cardiologist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Graham Wong, VGH, Cardiologist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Amish Parikh, Endocrinologist, Toronto, ON

Dr. Loren Grossman, Endocrinologist, Toronto, ON

Dr. Ronald Goldenberg, Endocrinologist, Thornhill, ON

Dr. Jordan Leith, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Burnaby, BC

Dr. Daniel Ngui, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Bertrand Perey, Orthopaedic Surgeon, New Westminster, BC

Dr. David Maberley, Ophthalmologist, Vancouver, BC

What is Diabetic Retinopathy of the Eye? ” John a 55-year-old male who has had type 2 diabetes “

Age-Related Macular Degeneration? ” Betty a 75-year-old female with sudden onset of central vision loss in her right eye “

Dr. Steven Schendel, Ophthalmologist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani, Cardiologist, Vancouver, BC

Kelowna Cardiology Associates

Erie Rentinal Surgery

Dr. Frank Halperin, Cardiologist, Kelowna, BC

Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Akshay Jain, Endocrinologist, Surrey, BC

Dr. Jan Dutz, Rheumatologist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Chi-Ming Chow, Cardiologist, Toronto, ON

Dr. Daniel Ezekiel, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Jean-Francois Roux, Electrophysiologist, Sherbrooke, QC

The Heart Health Institute Vaughan Scarborough